Exercise on Computational Science A

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About this class

Overview and goal

The more powerful computers available, the more roles numerical simulation plays. In this course, a brief introduction to two topics is provided: 1) Numerical methods for partial differential equations and stochastic processes, which are applied to wide area. 2) Parallelization techniques, which are indispensable to make simulation program codes faster and more massive for modern computer systems. These introductions are followed by exercises to develop thread-parallel simulation codes. We aim for students to acquire wide knowledge on numerical simulation and parallelization techniques through these lectures and exercises.

Although lectures are given in Japanese, texts in English will be available if required. Asking questions in English during lectures and exercises are also welcomed..


This class is offered in cooperation with Graduate School of Informatics and Center for Promotion of Informatics Education.

Class information

Student year Graduate school
Credits 1
Semester The first semester
Day and period Thursday・1st period
Class type Seminar
Classroom South Building Room201, Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University
Instructors Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Associate Professor, Hideki Yahagi

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