Computational Science, Advanced

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About this class

Overview and goal

On the basis of the class contents of “Computational Science, Introduction” and “Exercise on Computational Science A and B,” students participate in deriving and developing discussion on numerical analysis and application and acquire advanced practical skills in high-performance programming including visualization of calculated results. Especially, instructors focus on the calculus of finite difference on partial differential equations, the finite element method, the boundary element method, and the iteration method of simultaneous linear equations, which are strong tools for problem solving, and demonstrate various case studies in computational science.


This class is offered in cooperation with Graduate School of Informatics and Center for Promotion of Informatics Education.

Class information

Student year Graduate school
Class Name Computational Science, Advanced
Credits 2
Semester The first semester
Day and period Thursday・5th period
Class type Lecture
Classroom Faculty of Engineering Integrated Research Bldg. Room213
Instructors Graduate School of Informatics, Associate Professor, Kinji Kimura
Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Associate Professor, Hideki Yahagi
Center for the Promotion of Excellence in Higher Education, Professor, Koji Koyamada

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